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Field Maple

Acer campestre - 200cm x 50cm x 50cm


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The Field Maple is famous for their leaves which can vary in colour throughout the seasons. From dark green to rich golden yellow, the leaves feature five distinct lobes and rounded teeth.

Wildlife attraction

Plant Colours


Growing & Care

Grown in fertile soils, it is suitable for soils of all types including chalky and exposed sites. The Field Maple must enjoy some shade but are not suited to full shady areas.

Common Uses

Field Maple only needs to be pruned to shape at the beginning of each winter. This low maintenance tree makes it very appealing as well as making an attractive addition to any garden.

Maximum Height & Spread

Height 8m
Width 4m

Did you Know?

If you do not like bats then this tree is perfect for you! Across some parts of Europe, it was believed that Maple branches could prevent bats from entering buildings.