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Isle of Man – Harris Bugg Studios

We have recently completed a project in the Isle of Man in which our specialist teams planted over 100l/m of Big (and small) Hedging, as well as three mature trees.

Being a Harris Bugg Studios design, everything has been extremely well thought out with regards to the hedging and trees.

Our 1.75m (h) Taxus Baccata hedging has been used to completely close off the back garden whilst also being dense enough to protect the pool and lawn area from the strong coastal winds.

The 1.8m (h) Carpinus Betulus hedging that our teams installed has been used to border the front garden area, creating a colourful contrast with its golden-brown glow throughout the colder seasons.

Using our 0.8m (h) Taxus Baccata hedging, Harris Bugg Studios have created a spiral-like design that has been inspired by carvings on an ancient Manx cross situated nearby, reflecting the clients need to keep a touch of the Islands history within the garden.

Three mature trees; a Malus 'Everest', Cydonia Oblonga and a Magnolia Kobus have been installed into the back garden, each of which was thoughtfully positioned around the patio and pool area, adding just the right amount of colour and structure to space.

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